Jag säger inte mycket, men det jag säger är nonsens (Astrid Lindgren).


Palm Springs Ca. 2019, oil on canvas 2023, 33x25 cm

This painting with time/space stamp, is one that lies close to my heart as it expresses much of my experience that followed in 2020 and 2021, and surely of when I snapped the image: the empty space, the lone figure... Having lived and traveled extensively in the Mid- and Southwest of America I truly lost my heart to the desert/rural and urban landscapes out there.

While painting, one can describe a snippet of time and space that would otherwise be lost in between cracks of pavement, fractions of seconds. In this case I retrieved it with paint, creating a new space with a different time stamp, an echo. 
Some of these 'object trouvés' find their way to a work, others don't but live on in the 'fabric' of my studio, just as well, I was happy though to give this one a try.


Future/Toekomst (theme of show for BINNENste-BUITEN at WG Kunst 18/06-21/09 2022)

Future, faithfully waiting, always surprising; one can always hope, expect, but it's always one step ahead! Is it that Winding Stream, a Carter Family song from which the text in the work (box) is taken(?), what is lurking around the next bend?? Or is the future a 'being' itself, hoping expecting, like the swift (see drawing) that found it's nest year after year in spring above my kitchen... dropping itself from it time and time again asuming it's wings would carry it up.
I have to admit, me, a melancholical being, I rather look back (the swift lost it's nest together with me, my house last year in 2021)... twists and turns, groteque, absurd, dreams (or nightmares) filled with them.
As a visual artist Egge Altena (1962, Rijssen NL) mainly works with oil paints, charcoal, and mixed media on canvas and paper, often using textual elements.
She showed numerous times in the US where she worked and traveled (2001-2013), and sourced and sources a lot of the motives and themes used within the work. Associative and poetical choices are leading, imagery is found within her personal archive as well as in existing (popular) culture. Being trained as a librarian/archivist and thinking like one plays into this.

link to site: BinnensteBuiten WG Kunst:egge Altena 


Shows and projects: oba ode

WERK egge altena, ebelina brethouwer in Oba Ode Amsterdam

                                                                   Was sich liebt das neckt sich
                                                                    oilpaint and charcoal on linnen

                                                                                       Dis-ease at the Robbers Roost
                                                                                       oilpaint and charcoal on linnen

                                                                                       oilpaint and charcoal on linnen

                                                                                         '...Signifying nothing' (after Heinrich Fussli)
                                                                                          oilpaint and charcoal on linnen
                                                                                         oilpaint, ink, charcoal on linnen

overview with 'Meisjesjurk' van Ebelina Brethouwer





Shows and projects: (in)visible

Masterclass and show within the project (in)visible 2009/2010:
(in)visible: Investigating forms of presentation of the Artist' Book.

                                           bookcollage, 31x46cm

 Definitely one of the most satisfying projects I ever did, monks work to the core.
And who can complain showing next to Jan Dibbets, with his beautiful little book: 'Roodborstje Territorium', which shows the flying pattern of a robin in the 'Vondelpark' in Amsterdam. The leafs of paper of the book show 7 drawings and 7 'inks' with wax, semi-multiple; and 7 tests of William S. Burroughs, citations of 7 different books of his, handcopied, more on this in a blog in making.


When hell freezes...

                                                                                                               oil on canvas, 150 x 60 cm, 2007

'When hell freezes over, you'll find me there...'